The parish staff includes: 

Rector:  The Reverend Rhonda Wheeler, 723-8144 ext 11
Director of Music: Mr. John Peabody, 723-8144 ext 14
Director of Christian Formation: Mrs. Jennifer Nauroth, 723-8144 ext 15
Parish Administrator: Mrs. Karen Harrington, 723-8144 ext 10   
Director of Finance: Mrs. Gale Nicholson, 723-8144 ext 12
Nursery Attendants: Mrs. Amber Willaford, Mrs. Tiffany Waggoner

The paid staff is augmented by lay volunteers who provide leadership and direction for key activities within the parish. These volunteers include:

Acolytes: Greg & Tiffany Hardy
Altar Guild: Linda Gwilt
Episcopal Church Women: Margaret Seitz
Episcopal Youth Community: Carolyn and Cathy Bowers
Lay Readers: Patrick Luley
​Ushers: Dean Seitz


​​SallySue Andrews
Cathy Bowers
Tim Bradley
Candy Byrd
Chuck Gwilt
Greg Hardy
Joy Hendrickson
Fred King
Margaret Parker
Kathleen Plucinski, Jr. Warden
Dean Seitz, Sr. Warden
Talbot Vivian

Vic Hellman, Treasurer
Carol Bowers, Register

 Sunday Worship: 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM;  Christian Formation 9:30 AM 
                   Wednesday Bible Study: 6:30 PM; Healing Service: 7:00 PM

Emmanuel Episcopal Church