Sunday Worship Services: 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM

 Wednesday Services: 12 noon and 6:00 PM


Emmanuel Episcopal Church
                                                                                  The parish staff includes: 

Rector:  The Reverend Rhonda Wheeler, 723-8144 ext 11

Director of Music: Cathy Combs, 757-286-0357
Parish Administrator: Mrs. Karen Harrington, 723-8144 ext 10   
Director of Finance: Mrs. Gale Nicholson, 723-8144 ext 12

The paid staff is augmented by lay volunteers who provide leadership and direction for key activities within the parish. These volunteers include:

Altar Guild: Linda Gwilt
Episcopal Church Women: Margaret Seitz
Episcopal Youth Community: Carolyn and Cathy Bowers
Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Margaret Parker,  Margaret Seitz
​Ushers: Dean Seitz


Carol Bowers

Kim DeCoster

Karl Duff

Pat Dwyer

Barbara Fisher

Cannon Chisman-Forcier
​Chuck Gwilt, Junior Warden
Sabrina Miles
Margaret Parker

Charlene Runner

Dean Seitz, Senior Warden

Angalee Ulrich

Vic Hellman, Treasurer
Suzzane Jewett, Registrar